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The Tellington TTouch harness was designed and developed in the UK by Sarah Fisher to help dogs walk freely in balance on a loose lead, and to minimise pressure on important anatomical structures in dogs’ necks. If your dog pulls remember to work on your loose lead education.

The TTouch harness is manufactured in the UK from colour fast webbing and high quality D and O rings. (Please note that the hardware is not suitable for salt water and will rust if worn by dogs who love the sea.) It has contoured plastic clips on both sides of the neck piece and back piece. This enables the handler to fit the harness without triggering concern by putting the harness over the dog’s head or by lifting the dog’s front leg. It is easily removed by releasing the clips without the need to pull the harness over the head which can cause anxiety for some dogs.  The four plastic clips were designed for the comfort of the dog.  The harness is designed to encourage flexibility through the body by allowing the shoulder blades and front limbs of the dog to move as nature intended. Freedom of movement through the neckand shoulders can help release tension in the back, improve core strength and enable the dog to engage his hindquarters. The two points of contact and shorter back piece than found on some other standard harnesses helps to reduce pulling without creating tension on the neck and/or shoulders. Freedom of movement through the neck and shoulders can help to reduce lead frustration and enables the dog to sniff and explore his environment when out and about.

Tellington Ttouch Harness

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