Welcome to Scamp's

At Scamp's, we offer a comprehensive training and behavioural solution service.  We only use positive, ethical and effective training methods, that are fun for both you and your dog.  Our head trainer, Scott has had success all over the country, and his books have sold worldwide.  His reputation for training is unsurpassed and his success with rehabilitating aggressive dogs has resulted in many councils, vets and rehoming charities employing his services.  

We offer disability assistance dog training, puppy socialisation classes, basic obedience through to advanced training courses, 1 to 1 behavioural solutions, scentwork courses in our magnificent 2.5 acre training field, 'Dealing with K9 Aggression' seminars, loose lead walking workshops, 'Doggie Red Letter Days' and are starting a regional dog club.

So whatever your canine requirements are, we can satisfy your needs using methods that will build up your bond and have your dog desperate for more.

Meet Scamp, founder, inspiration, demo dog, stooge and all round good boy.  Although no longer with us, he lives on in our hearts and his legacy continues.

Our ethos is that of  kindness and fun.   The dated concept that by dominating your dog or trying to convince your dog that you are the alpha of the pack was proven to be ineffective over sixty years ago, yet there are still trainers that attempt to train dogs out of fear.  We realise that is totally unnacceptable and is, by definition, abuse.   We will only use kind and effective methods that will get the best out of your dog.  Methods that have allowed thousands of dogs, including fully accredited assistance dogs, rehabilitated aggressive dogs, pups and advanced obedience adult dogs to reach their potential in their respective field.

"Cannot rate Scott highly enough. He has given us back our little dog who was too scared to be around other dogs due to an injury. We can never ever thank you enough".

Emma Flower

Don't ever think

'How do I make a dog do that?'


'How can I make a dog want to do that?'

At Scamp's we use only effective, kind, reward based methods that are fun for your dog;   not a choke chain, half choker, e-collar, prong collar or even a reprimand in sight........nor will there ever be.

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