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Training Days and Events

We host various training days and special dog related events at various locations and our magnificent 2 1/2 acre training field.  Keep an eye out for Regional Dog Shows, Dog Fun Days, Trick workshops as well the forthcoming Scamp's Dog Club.  Not to mention Loose Lead Walking Workshops and Scentwork Fundays.

Perfect loose lead walking dogs next to wheelchair

Loose Lead Walking Workshops      (1/2 day)

Have fun while teaching your dog to stop pulling on the lead.

We hold Loose Lead Walking Workshops with a difference.  We meet at an indoor venue where we get to know you and your dogs.  We then will work out the methods that work best with your dog.  Note: All methods are kind and do NOT rely on old fashioned punitive tools like head collars, choke chains or half chokers.  Everybody gets chance to practise the methods in the venue where there are limited distractions.  We then move to our training field in Hammerwich, where after a spot of lunch, we get chance to progress the skills and proof them outdoors. 

Scentwork Workshops
(1/2 day)

Huge fun for your dog with massive benefits

Our Scentwork Workshops consist of an introduction to scentwork where we will teach your dog to use its awesome nose.  We then go on to train the dogs to sniff out hidden items in an indoor setting and even complete a car search before breaking for refreshments and moving to our spectacular training field where we take it to the next level in the wild outdoors.   Great fun and holds such benefits for the wellbeing of your dog.  Also useful for when you lose your keys!

scentwork pointer
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