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At Scamp's we offer a whole host of services for all your training and behavioural requirements.  Below is just a sample of what we offer.  If you are looking for something that is not listed feel free to Contact Us.
Happy Puppy

6 Week Puppy Course - Lichfield, Streetly and Cannock Chase

Informative, Fun and Essential Pup Classes

For pups up to 18 weeks at the start date of the course.  Teach your pup basic cues such as sit, down, leave on cue, recall, etc. as well as how to teach your dog not jump up and how to deal with the 'bitey' stage without it becoming habit forming or progressing to aggressive behaviours.  We will help you teach your dog good meets and greets (both human and dog), manners around food and how to settle on a settle mat (perfect for when you take your dog to the pub or cafe).  Dogs will learn both on and off lead through the course.  You will learn essential dog handling skills including K9 first aid (there are at least 20 dogs alive today because of what their owners learnt on a Scamp's course), nutritional knowledge, how to avoid separation anxiety and most important of all, how to ensure your pup grows up into a well rounded, well socialised and confident member of your family.  All methods are kind and designed to make sure that the dog wants to do as you need for dated fear based tools like half chokers, choke chains, slip leads, etc.   The most comprehensive and informative pup course you could book up for with a fully qualified and experienced Dog Behaviourist.   The most comprehensive and informative pup course you could book up for with a fully qualified and experienced Dog Behaviourist. Classes being held currently in Lichfield and Hednesford.

8 Week Bronze Obedience Course

Effective and Science Based Basic Obedience  Courses

Our Bronze Basic Obedience Courses are carefully designed to teach you how to get the best out of your dog.  They are intended to be fun for you both and demonstrate how to train your dog effectively and without punishment.  You will learn the methodology of dog training and why we do NOT rely on dated tools such as choke chains, half-chokers or slip leads.  Your dog will learn focus, sit, down, stand, stay, recall, leave, loose lead walking, manners through doors,etc.  In addition, you will learn essential K9 1st Aid and good handling skills.  All carried out in a fun and informal setting.

Teaching a solid stay in a training class
dogs demonstrating stay during a dog training class

10 Week Silver & 12 Week Gold Obedience Courses

Effective and Science Based Basic Advanced Obedience  Courses

In these progressive advanced courses we will take the skills that you and your dog learned in our bronze course and take them to the next level.  You will be working with the dog off lead, having him work in position on and off lead, you will build your stay up to 10 minutes and include distractions, your dogs will learn to stay in one position while you go out of sight as well as emergency stops and a whole host more.  Highly recommended for both you and your best pal.

Loose Lead Walking Workshops      (1/2 day)

Have fun while teaching your dog to stop pulling on the lead.

We hold Loose Lead Walking Workshops with a difference.  We meet at an indoor venue where we get to know you and your dogs.  We then will work out the methods that work best with your dog.  Note: All methods are kind and do NOT rely on old fashioned punitive tools like head collars, choke chains or half chokers.  Everybody gets chance to practise the methods in the venue where there is limited distractions.  We then move to our training field in Hammerwich, where after a spot of lunch, we get chance to progress the skills and proof them outdoors. 

2 dogs perfect loose lead walking to a wheelchair user
dog doing scentwork

Scentwork Workshops      (1/2 day)

Huge fun for your dog with massive benefits

Our Scentwork Workshops consist of an introduction to scentwork where we will teach your dog to use its awesome nose.  We then go on to train the dogs to sniff out hidden items in the room and even complete a car search before breaking for refreshments and moving to our spectacular training field where we take it to the next level in the wild outdoors.   Great fun and holds such benefits for the wellbeing of your dog.   Also useful for when you lose your keys!

New Puppy Home Visit

Essential opportunity to get it right first time.

Getting a new pup or pup just arrived?

A wonderful and exciting time, but are you aware that probably the most important stage of a dogs life is 8 – 14 weeks and how the dog is handled in that time can affect the dog’s wellbeing for the rest of his life.

It is so important to get it right first time, because if you don’t, all those unwanted behaviours, anxieties and such will only become enforced.

Those first few weeks in your home can determine whether your dog grows up to be confident or nervous, good or reactive with other dogs and people, etc..

Puppy classes are essential but you can't always start classes until your pup is 14 weeks old or even later by which time the unwanted behaviours have become habitual.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get it right from day one?     Well, now you can!


Scamp’s School of Dog Training is now offering New Puppy Home Visits.

A qualified Behaviourist and Trainer will visit your home and advise on:

  • Training

  • Socialisation

  • Habituation

  • Dealing with jumping up and biting, Avoiding separation anxiety

  • Enrichment games

  • Nutrition

  • Crate training

  • Toilet training

  • Why we don't use chokers, half chokers or spray collars anymore.

  • How to get the best out of your pup.

Head Trainer Scott Allen and 3 week old German Shepherd

Don't ever think

'How do I make a dog do that?'


'How can I make a dog want to do that?'

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