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6 Week Puppy Courses

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For pups up to 17 weeks at the start date of the course.  

Classes are held both at our training hub in Hednesford and in venues around Lichfield.


Your pup will learn to sit, lie down, leave on cue, recall, etc. as well as not jump up and get through the 'bitey' stage without it becoming habit forming or progressing to aggressive behaviours.  We will help you teach your dog good meets and greets (both human and dog), manners around food and how to settle on a settle mat (perfect for when you take your dog to the pub or cafe). 


Dogs will learn both on and off lead through the course. You will learn essential dog handling skills including K9 First Aid (there are at least 20 dogs alive today because of what their owners learnt on a Scamp's course), nutritional knowledge, how to avoid separation anxiety and most important of all, how to ensure your pup grows up into a well rounded, well socialised and confident member of your family.  

All methods are kind and designed to make sure that the dog wants to do as you need for dated fear based tools like half chokers, choke chains, slip leads, etc.  

The most comprehensive and informative pup course.

Hosted by a fully qualified and experienced Dog Behaviourist.

Don't ever think

'How do I make a dog do that?'


'How can I make a dog want to do that?'

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