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1 to 1 Training

Head Trainer, Scott Allen is a professional and qualified behaviourist and K9 aggression specialist, with a wealth of knowledge and experience covering a plethora of dog behavioural issues.   His success in teaching owners of troubled dogs how to resolve issues ranging from minor problems to dealing with severe aggression, has resulted in his nationally recognised and unrivalled reputation.  Behaviour modification has moved on a long way since the dark old days of punishing unwanted behaviours and using dated tools such as choke chains and half chokers.  Hence, we will only use modern, effective and ethical techniques to resolve any issues and will always deal with the root cause rather than simply supress the symptoms. 

Scott's knowledge, passion and vast experience has culminated in a reputation that is hard to surpass.  He has been employed by various councils, referred to by an array of vets nationwide, appeared on television and radio, achieved worldwide book sales and has clients travel from all over the country to take advantage of his skills in rehabilitating troubled dogs or just taking dog owners' training skills to the next level.
Specific issues require dealing within the dog's home whereas other training can be carried out at our NEW premises situated on Cannock Chase, literally a few minutes from some of the most stunning areas of natural beauty and cafes, etc,  Ideal for a dog walk and a cappuccino and a cake after.
If you would like to discuss any 1 to 1 training requirements or would like to know more about what we offer, please do not hesitate to Contact Us for more information.


First Time Session assessment
(1.5 Hours) at home                             only £95
First Time Session
(1.5 Hours) at premises                        only £80

Follow Up Sessions
(1 Hour) at home                                   only £65*
Follow Up Sessions
(1 Hour) at premises                               only £50

*Mileage costs may be incurred for out of area call-outs (over 15 miles outside Lichfield).

"Blue and I had our first 1:1 training session with Scott on Saturday. Such an informative and interesting discussion. Blue responded so well to Scott's training and I loved the positive, reward based system. Scott obviously loves dogs and has a real understanding of how they think and learn.  I would recommend Scamp's to anyone!".

Fran Loretto

Dog Running

Return your dog to a well rounded, happy sociable dog with our 1 - 1 behavioural solutions.

Don't ever think

'How do I make a dog do that?'


'How can I make a dog want to do that?'

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