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Puppy Home Visit

3 week old German Shepherd

New Puppy Home Visit

Essential opportunity to get it right first time.

Getting a new pup or pup just arrived?

A wonderful and exciting time, but are you aware that probably the most important stage of a dogs life is 8 – 14 weeks and how the dog is handled in that time can affect the dog’s wellbeing for the rest of his life.

It is so important to get it right first time, because if you don’t, all those unwanted behaviours, anxieties and such will only become enforced.

Those first few weeks in your home can determine whether your dog grows up to be confident or nervous, good or reactive with other dogs and people, etc..

Puppy classes are essential but you can't always start classes until your pup is 14 weeks old or even later by which time the unwanted behaviours have become habitual.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get it right from day 1?     Well, now you can.


Scamp’s School of Dog Training is now offering New Puppy Home Visits.

A qualified Behaviourist and Trainer will visit your home and advise on:

  • Training

  • Socialisation

  • Habituation

  • Dealing with jumping up and biting, Avoiding separation anxiety

  • Enrichment games

  • Nutrition

  • Crate training

  • Toilet training

  • Why we don't use chokers, half chokers or spray collars anymore.

  • How to get the best out of your pup.

Desperate to get it right first time                         Want to ensure puppy is happy in his new home

Can't wait 'til pup class                        Dealing with the puppy biting                      Toilet training

Crate Training                    Ensure you are feeding quality food (most branded foods are actually damaging to the dog)


Want to build up healthy, mutually respectful relationship with your dog.

Don't ever think

'How do I make a dog do that?'


'How can I make a dog want to do that?'

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