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Assistance Dog Training & Access Disability Services

Head Trainer, Scott Allen is a registered Instructor and assessor with Access Disability Services (ADS). 
Access Disability Services is a charity that helps people with both physical and mental health disabilities train their own dogs to become accredited and registered Assistance Dogs with legal Full Public Access.  The training consists of of a three tiered system.  Level One Companion Level is basic obedience and some useful task training.  For some people, this is all they require.  Level Two is the Advanced Companion Level, and for the dogs with all round sociability, this is where dogs acquire further skills and continue the training in the useful tasks that are useful to their owner.  At Level 3 Assistance Dog Level, owners and their dogs are assessed and awarded a certificate issued from the office to show their achievements.  Once a dog has passed it's Level 3, it is recognised as a fully qualified Disability Assistance Dog and as such, is granted full public access.
If you are disabled (whether physically or mentally) and would like an informal discussion about your dog's suitability and criteria for becoming an ADS client, please email or visit

As a fully qualified Disability Assistance dogs, Luna and Sunny help their owners with every day tasks, such as undressing and helping with the laundry.  As they have full public access, their behaviour in public has to be and is impeccable, including a perfect settle.  All trained out with kind reward based methods by our Head Trainer and ADUK accredited assessor, Scott Allen.

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