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About Us

Head trainer Scott Allen with Dobbie an enormous GSD Newfie x

It is because of the success of Scott's motivational methods and the knowledge of the trainers, that Scamp's has been employed by a vast array of customers including various councils, rehoming charities and vets as well as a whole host of individual clients.  We have been actively involved in dog welfare, as well as training and rehabilitation.  We have carried out demonstrations of our methods and our dogs all over the country.  We often take Scamp's 'on the road' and have hosted many events from large country shows to taking our dogs into elderly residential homes.
Whether it is hosting a puppy class, an advanced obedience class, scentwork clubs or severe aggression rehabilitation, we only (and will only ever) use kind and effective methods that do no harm to the dog. 
Due to the high demand for our time and skills, we will be shortly starting up our new Scamp's Dog Club, that will include training, handling, talks by various speakers from differing areas of the dog world as well as a chance to meet other dog owners in a friendly, informal setting.

Our head trainer, Scott Allen, has helped countless dog owners experiencing various issues from nervous to aggressive dogs, from dogs pulling their owners over during walks to just polishing up their training skills, by means of group classes and 1 - 1 training sessions.
Scott has studied at The International Animal Behaviour Training College, The British College of Canine Studies, The Institute of Modern Dog Training as well as travelling the country to work with some of the best dog trainers in the UK.  Alongside his council and charity work, training classes and 1 - 1 sessions, his television appearances and worldwide book sales have combined to build up his reputation as the top trainer in this area.
We, at Scamp's, are great believers that training must be fun for both the owners and the dog.  We refuse to allow dated aversive methods such as choke chains, half chokers, lead yanking, etc in our classes, preferring to actually teach the dog the wanted behaviours.

Scamps demonstration at a fun day event

"We can’t thank Scott enough for helping us with our miniature schnauzer Mavis. She has just passed Bronze level and the difference in her confidence and focus is amazing. We’re looking forward to seeing ongoing results with Silver and more socialisation. Can’t recommend Scott enough, positive training methods to get the best out of your dog ".

Lisa McLaren

Scott Allen introducing puppies to residents of a retirement home.
Gentle teaching at a dog training class

Whether we are visiting the elderly, hosting an obedience class or dealing with severely aggressive dogs, we will only ever show love, compassion and kindness to every dog that we meet.

Don't ever think

'How do I make a dog do that?'


'How can I make a dog want to do that?'

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